Trying to decide on what level to show at? Here are a few tips to help you in your decision!

If you are just learning dressage and have been taking a few lessons, it is a rule of thumb to start at the beginning of the levels and to stay at each level for a year, while preparing for the next level. Start at Intro level and practice your way up. You don’t want to skip a level, try to stay focused and think about what is required of you and your horse. Gaits, impulsion, submission and riders seat & position is alot to work on when you are just starting out. Every test leads to the next level and are considered  the building blocks of the development of both the horse and rider.

For beginners,  ride Intro level  tests A & B. This can be alot of work for a beginner rider and a green horse. Stay at this level for a year and begin working on training level before the end of the year. If you are going to shows, you don’t want to be riding the next level to much in the beginning of your show season, concentrate on the level you are on. Believe me, the movements at the next level come a little quicker, and you and your horse need the time to build the  strength and confidence you need to advance up to the next level. And yes, riders need strength to, not just our equine partners!

Don’t rush your horse to a level that either of you are not prepared for. You want to be fair to your horse, he or she should be allowed the time that is needed to develop physically and mentally.jr. rider

Riding correct straight lines and circles are alot of work.  As a rider you have to concentrate on your body position and learn the correct timing of your aids so that you can get clear transitions from your horse. Talk to your instructor about how to apply a half halt and for the timing of this aid.   These are just some of the basics to work on, and you will continue to do this on all the levels up to Grand Prix.

Took some great photos at the CDS Southern Junior State Championship in Los Angeles!

I love going to the CDS Southern Junior State Championships in Los Angeles. It brings back memories when I had qualified a junior rider for 4 seasons there. We had so much fun and met so many nice people. Everyone there helped anyone who was in need of something, great camaraderie.

I enjoyed working with the junior riders and adults too, but now I have my new website that I am very busy with. So much to do!  Below are a few pics that I took  at the Championships that I would like to share.

fei rider waiting,

This young rider above was getting ready to go in for her FEI test. Beautiful rider, really enjoyed watching her and her lovely horse.

brianne and phantom

Some of the teams wore different colors to represent their teams when they competed. Very cute.

Hi everyone! is up and going. Please visit us and email your comments to us!

For over 5 years now, I have wanted to create a site that was just for juniors who ride dressage.  When I was on the show road with my clients, I saw and listened to so many kids who needed help, some could not afford financially to be in lessons on a ongoing basis.  This just broke my heart because they were there with their horses trying their hearts out.  I would offer to teach them for free, because I know how it feels to want something so badly.

Please check out the website at:   We are up and going!  I will be adding more information monthly, there is so much information to get in the website.  I am drawing horse graphics that you will be able to download for free!  Check out the dressage seat equitation tips and much more.

Below is a picture of riders and their horses in a Dressage Seat Equitation Class. They are waiting to hear the awards  of the class.

Dressage seat equitation class waiting for the awards to be announced.