Hi everyone! Dressageforjuniors.com is up and going. Please visit us and email your comments to us!

For over 5 years now, I have wanted to create a site that was just for juniors who ride dressage.  When I was on the show road with my clients, I saw and listened to so many kids who needed help, some could not afford financially to be in lessons on a ongoing basis.  This just broke my heart because they were there with their horses trying their hearts out.  I would offer to teach them for free, because I know how it feels to want something so badly.

Please check out the website at:   http://www.dressageforjuniors.com   We are up and going!  I will be adding more information monthly, there is so much information to get in the website.  I am drawing horse graphics that you will be able to download for free!  Check out the dressage seat equitation tips and much more.

Below is a picture of riders and their horses in a Dressage Seat Equitation Class. They are waiting to hear the awards  of the class.

Dressage seat equitation class waiting for the awards to be announced.

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