Check out my interview with junior dressage rider Heather Baine at

Junior dressage rider Heather Baine is profiled for the month of November. She is a talented rider with many accomplishments. She is the first junior rider to be profiled on

Heather Baine

Need to sell your Dressage Schoolmaster? Go to

Looking to sell your dressage schoolmaster? has added a new “Dressage Schoolmasters for sale page” to our website.  This page is for dressage schoolmasters only, no other riding disciplines  will be allowed sell on this page. This gives our customers an  exclusive showing  of their horse or horses.  A limited amount of horses will be presented on this page for sale. We are a new website with great information targeted to our junior and young riders.  Adults love our site as well!

Whether your horses is a seasoned Training level horse or a Grand Prix horse, we would love to accomodate you!

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Junior riders-submit your favorite picture of you and your horse, or just your horse!

Junior riders, submit your favorite horse photo to  Please send in jpeg format.  We will put you in the Gallery of horse photos at  Looking forward to seeing your pics!

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Training tips from

Here are a few training tips to keep in mind when you are schooling your horse:
If you use spurs, make sure you only use them at the moment you are asking, you don’t want your spur to be hitting your horse’s side with every stride.
Below is a picture of a spur that is a good choice for beginner riders.
Here is another training tip:

You want to achieve a steady rein connection and even contact with your  horse’s mouth. This is an example of developing  good communication with your horse. Your horse chewing the bit and a moist mouth are good signs of elastic contact.