Hello everyone!

Ever since I  saw my first dressage horse passaging at a show in Costa Mesa California, I was hooked. I remember telling my mom as we drove by that I would learn how to ride like that. This has been over 21 years ago, I will never forget seeing all those dressage riders and how it made me feel inside.

I have been very blessed in my life with great horses who were so generous and always came out of their stalls ready to go.  I was careful to warm them up properly and follow the pyramid of training.  I really believe the reason they are in their mid twenties and higher, that it was because of proper training and lots of love.

I also believe that when you have outgrown your horse and you need to go on to a different mount, that to share a well schooled horse will make someone else’s dream come true.  I have always shared my horses with my friends, and the joyous look on their faces when they were riding was all I had to see.

I have given two of my horses away that went on and took junior riders to win at dressage shows and to qualify at a State Championship.

My current horse is a Westphalian gelding Challis, he is 24 years old and I have him semi-retired at a great facility called Rebel D Ranch in Ramona, Ca.  I go out and ride him once a week when time permits, he has lots of room to roam and loves his girlfriend!

I have competed to Intermediare I and I have taught beginning dressage to adults and juniors for the last 11 years. This has and was a dream of mine since I was a kid.

Being a part of the year end championships at  chapter shows, at the Interscholastic Equestrian League shows and winning at the state championships in some of the classes, is more than I could ask for. I have been truly blessed with great students and horses that will always be a part of my life.

I look forward to the success of my website for the juniors, this will give them a place to go anytime they need a little help.

Below is a picture of Challis and I after we performed a musical freestyle to Jingle Bell Rock, a benefit at the Huntington Beach Equestrian Center. He was wonderful and he loved the crowd. Look at his tail how soft and thick it is,  nicer than my hair!

me and challis at hcpec show

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