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You can now read about our previous junior and young riders who were Rider of the Month on our website http://www.dressageforjuniors! I have designated a page for each of these talented riders so that everyone can enjoy and share the interviews we had with each of them. I have included a picture of them with their horse as well. You can click on their names under Pages on the right hand side of this blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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Here is a video of Mary and her horse Rossi going to their lesson with Pamela Goodrich in Florida!

CDI 5 Exquis Dressage Masters competition held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Cente

A crowd estimated at 4,300 spectators attended in  South Florida at this spectacular event.

Anky Vas Grunsven scored 84.450 per cent, with Steffen and Ravel on 81.700 per cent and Isabell and Satchmo with 78.950 per cent. Ashley Holzer and Pop Art of Canada were fourth on 76.300 per cent.

The Palm Beach event, as with other Exquis World Dressage Masters competitions, carries total prize money of  $136,000.

Germany’s Ulla Salzgeber could not get her 10-year-old mare, Wakana, to go forward into the arena for the start of the ride,  so she excused herself before saluting.

Elisabeth Austin of Williston, Vermont,  was the youngest rider in the $140,000 Exquis World Dressage Masters.

Final Results: Exquis World Dressage Masters CDI 5* – Grand Prix Freestyle

Judge E ~ Steiner Judge H~ Mandl Judge C~Markowski Judge M~Rockwell Judge B~ Leymann

1.   Salinero Anky van Grunsven   84.450%

2.   Ravel Steffen Peters  81.700%

3.  Satchmo 78 Isabell Werth  78.950%

4.  Pop Art Ashley Holzer  76.300%

5.  Leonberg Mikala Munter Gundersen 72.200%

6.  Ovation Christa Laarakkers 71.150%

7.  Calecto V Tina Konyot 70.700%

8.  Le Mont d’Or Anja Ploenzke  69.950%

Final Results: Exquis World Dressage Masters CDI 5* – Grand Prix Special
Judge E~ Rockwell Judge H~ Leymann Judge C~ Steiner Judge M- Mandl Judge B~ Markowski

1.  Tip Top 962 Leslie Morse 65.708%
2.  Anton Belinda Trussell  65.167%
3.  Oliver Elisabeth Austin  64.875%
4.  Lucky Tiger Pierre Saint Jacques 64.417%
5.  Olympus Michael Barisone  64.000%
6.  Premier Aat van Essen  62.708%
7.  Devon L Diane Creech  56.542%
8.  Wakana Ulla Salzgeber  0.000

Mary’s Dressage Blog has officially started!

Mary’s dressage blogging has started!  Follow this talented

young rider while she  is training in Florida with Pamela

Goodrich, who has competed in the World

Championships in Toronto, two Olympic Sports Festivals,

and in Europe.  Below is a picture of Mary and her

darling horse Rossi!