Emma Haas

My name is Emma Haas. I am currently riding in Laguna Hills, California. I own a medium pony and a horse, and have been riding for almost seven years. I have earned my Training, and First Level USDF patches. I am working on my Second level patch. I have also received Pomona Chapter year end awards for:

First level, second place and Training level, 5th place, the same year with my pony; Tinker Toy.

Q: When did you decide to ride dressage and when did you start riding:

A: I started riding when I was about three years old on my mom’s Quarter horse, although I only walked at that time. I loved the feeling and came to the barn almost every day. I started off in a Hunter barn on a small pony. After about one year, I started training with Stephanie Field Dressage. Ever since my first lesson, I have loved Dressage.

Q: Who are you training with:

A: I recently retired my pony, since I am growing and Tinker isn’t. Currently Detour, my new horse, and I are in training with Mary Kehoe. We are hoping to begin showing sometime this fall, starting at Second level.

Q: How often do you train:

A: My new horse and I are in full time training with Mary Kehoe. She works with him three days a week. While I have two lessons per week. On his days off we enjoy trail riding or an easy workout.

Q: What is your warm-up routine:

A: My warm-up consists of many lateral movements at the walk, working to achieve a supple, through contact. A forward and free walk helps loosen him up and helps him come from his hind legs and through his back. Once he is supple and forward, we begin our trot work and repeat what we did at the walk. After about ten minutes into the warm-up, we start focusing on other things, such as; quality of the gaits, transitions within the gaits, and transitions from one gait to another.

Q: Tell us about your horse and his/her personality:

A: Detour is a 16H, eleven year old Oldenburg gelding we shipped over from Germany about nine months ago. He was shown up to M level in Germany, but has tempi changes, pirouettes, and other upper level movements. Detour is an amazing horse and has the best temperament. He always trys his best, and is extremely sweet. Detour is a very special horse. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to train with Mary, as we are all working diligently to achieve my goals.

Q: Do you go Trail riding? :

A: I love to go out on trail. I ride the trails about two days a week. Not only is trail riding fun, but it also helps the horse. I think trail riding improves the ride in the ring.

Q: What are your goals with this horse:

A: I plan to show Detour second level this fall. After earning my Second level USDF patch, I would like to earn my Bronze medal with him. Next year, I would really like to do qualify for Southern California Junior Championships.

Q: Who is your mentor and why:

A: I would say my mother is my mentor. She has always supported my riding and helped me along the way. If not for her, I would have never had the opportunity to enjoy my passion on a daily basis.

Q: What can you tell other junior riders about reaching their goals.

A: Reaching your goals can be very satisfying. But the journey and the experience is sometimes more important than the gold at the end of the rainbow. If you work hard and appreciate the support you get from your parents and trainers, reaching your goals is all the better.

Q: What is your favorite dressage movement:

A: My favorite movement to ride is the extended trot. Once you get that supple, big feeling it feels like your flying.

One comment on “Emma Haas

  1. Christopher McCarthy says:

    Hi Emma! I hope you’ll see this! My name is Chris McCarthy, and my wife is Mary Kehoe! I’m trying to surprise her with some photos of her from when she was doing her dressage (unfortunately, she’s had to step away from it for a while). I noticed on her website that many of the photos were attributed to you. We have copies, but the files are way too small to use, and was wondering if you’d still have and be willing to send me the original photo files so I could get them printed. I’m trying to do this as a Christmas surprise, but don’t know if I can get this all done up in time. But if you could send me anything you have of her, I would really appreciate it. THANK YOU!

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