Heather Baine

Here is Dressageforjuniors Rider of the Month for November, Heather Baine:

I decided to ride dressage when I was about six years old and have been riding since I was three. My first pony was Buck’N Good Time . He was a registered Quarter Pony , 13.2 hands and gave me my start.

I try to volunteer at shows as much as I can.

I train from 4 to 6 times a week.

When I first get on, I usually walk my horse for 10 -15 minutes. When I start trotting, I make his frame long and low. I start to pick him up with a higher head set when I start his canter work. At shows, I warm up about 30-40 minutes before my ride. If I have an equitation class, I use that for my warm-up so he won’t become too tired for his test.

I have been unable to find an IEL.

I have a 14.2 hand Haflinger gelding. He can be a little frisky sometimes at big shows as we feed him grain right before . I have owned him since he was three years old and started showing him since he turned four. His show name is Winter Solstice but at home we call him Waltzer. In my spare time I enjoy trail riding with my pony.

I am going to continue doing second level with Waltzer this year and school his changes for third level. I was honored to have been selected to ride in the September 2009 NAJR/YR Clinic Series with Jan Ebling and he had me schooling canter half passes.

My mentor is my mom because she is always supportive of me and gives me good advice.
My advice to other junior riders is to work very hard but have a good time when you ride. You can reach any level if you just set your mind to it. When we look at a horse to buy, we look at the horse’s bloodlines and movement. Some horses do better with a junior rider because juniors are more flexible, so try to at least try a horse that’s a little out of your reach so you can see how you do.

My favorite dressage movement is the half-pass because Waltzer knows how to do those very well.

I used to play soccer last year ,but now I’m mostly just into riding horses.

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