Madelyn Bricken





Madelyn Bricken
My name is Madelyn Bricken. I am 20 years old and I live in Sisterdale, Texas. I began riding at the age of 3 and started my Dressage career in 2004 when I was 11 years old. I am currently attending Liberty University Online and pursing my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I train with Eva Oldenbroek-Tabor out of Medina, Texas. I have been with Eva for two years and my riding career has exploded under her training.
In April 2012, I earned my USDF Bronze Medal with Clovis, a 20 year-old Oldenburg Prix St. Georges gelding. Clovis taught me many things and I am forever grateful for the privilege of knowing him and riding him. In August 2012, Eva and I flew to Chino Hills, California to try some horses at W Farms. I fell in love with a 15 year old imported Hanoverian gelding named Wynsum, fondly known as “Sammy.” Although Sammy and I have only been paired for a short amount of time, we have accomplished a great deal together.
For example, we competed at the Alamo Dressage Association Fall Show I&II in September of 2012 (I had owned Sammy for approximately 2 weeks.) During this show, we won both of our Third Level Test 3 Classes, qualified for USDF Region 9 Champions, and earned High Point Overall Third Level Champion for both days. In October, we competed at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center Platinum Show I&II. Here, we earned a 72.9% in Third Level Test 3 and a 71% in Fourth Level Test 1. These results earned Sammy and me the Overall High Point Junior/Young Rider Champion for the entire show on Saturday. This also earned my first score towards my USDF Silver Medal. The next step was competing at the USDF/GAIG Region 9 Dressage Championships and the Southwest Dressage Championships. Sammy and I earned 3rd Place in the GAIG Third Level Junior Young Rider Championships. In addition, we were the Southwest Dressage Championships Third Level Junior/Young Rider Champions and Gold Medalists with a 66.8%. What a blessing! Having said all of this,  my riding career hasn’t always been that successful. Hard work, determination, and extraordinary patience pays off.
I am currently working on Fourth Level and hope to compete Prix St. Georges this spring/summer. My main goal is to make the Region 9 Young Rider Team and compete at NAJYRC in 2014. I realize in order to achieve these goals, an incredible bonding between Sammy and me must take place and I am so grateful as that is happening every day.
Madelyn was Rider of the Month for February 2013.

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