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DressageforJuniors is a one-of-a-kind website that focuses on the Youth of Dressage!  Read our Rider of the Month Interview and find out what these dedicated riders do on a daily basis when schooling their horses and what it takes to get in the show ring! You can visit us at: www.dressageforjuniors.com


Young Rider Rebecca Cohen was profiled as a Rider of the Month in 2011. You can read her Interview with DFJ right here at:  https://dressageforjuniors.blog/rebecca-cohen/

Rider of the Month for June is Alexa Derr

You can read our Interview with Alexa Derr by clicking on her name on the right side of this blog. Enjoy her Interview as much as we did!

Alexa Derr

Dressage videos of Juniors and Young Riders in Dressage tests!

Click here to watch a selection of Junior and Young riders competing in Dressage.

Follow Mary’s Dressage blog at www.dressageforjuniors.com

Here is a video of Mary and her horse Rossi going to their lesson with Pamela Goodrich in Florida!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tgAHFu4NkM